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Key Features


ORATEX® fabric is tough... Very tough. Importantly, the finished product remains flexible, so its ability to stretch and withstand impact without leaving a mark is extraordinary. View demo.


ORATEX® is one of the lightest, strongest finished fabrics available in colour. ORATEX® fabrics do not require additional fillers, UV coatings or paint, resulting in significant weight-saving potential. The winning competitive STOL aircraft chose this covering for a reason! View Weight Comparisons Video.


ORATEX® is one of the fastest and simplest aircraft fabrics to apply. The elimination of several processes (masking, spraying, sanding, repeat coats, etc) results in significant time saving. ORATEX® fabric comes with its own UV protection and colour already built into the fabric during the manufacturing process.

Summary of ORATEX® Fabric Advantages

  • ✔ Excellent adhesion.
  • ✔ No solvents, consequently no smell.
  • ✔ No paint, primer, sealer or UV coating required.
  • ✔ Environmentally friendly.
  • ✔ The fabric is finished once applied, ready to fly the next day!
  • ✔ No crusty surface coating on top of the fabric. No paint cracking.
  • ✔ Easy to apply.
  • ✔ Protective seal is fuel and oil resistant.
  • ✔ Easy to rib stitch (if required).
  • ✔ Significant weight saving.
  • ✔ Very difficult to rip.
  • ✔ Trim and styling tapes can be applied and removed easily without damage, allowing creativity of styling at low cost.
  • ✔ Significant time-saving compared to covering methods that require subsequent surface coating and painting.