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What tools are needed?

The two most important tools for using ORATEX® covering, are a good-quality, accurately-controllable, digital hot-air gun and a good accurately-controllable iron. Some smaller tools and materials are useful and best discussed prior to beginning.

Is the fabric repairable if damaged?

If the fabric (and only the fabric) is dented but not punctured, the dent may be removed with a heat gun. If there is a puncture (again only to the fabric), repairing is possible by gluing in a patch of the same fabric. In all cases there should be an assessment in order to ensure that there is no structural damage. Both of these repairs are relatively simple, but the correct process per the instruction manual must be followed.

Can I paint over ORATEX® fabric?

Painting ORATEX® fabric is not necessary for making it airtight, resistant to oil, fuel and UV. However painting is possible for those who wish to do so. Any painting adds stiffness and weight so this should be considered carefully. The correct paints should be used so as not to compromise the properties of the fabric. ORATEX® have a range of paints and fillers.

Must tape edges be pinked?

The ORATEX® adhesive is good enough to not require pinked edges so straight-cut edges may be used.

Can I use adhesives other than ORATEX® hot-melt adhesive for bonding the fabric?

It is strongly advised to follow the ORATEX® instructions carefully and not to deviate on the use of other adhesives. The bond between the fabric and the aircraft structure is obviously very important. The ORATEX® hot-melt adhesive is water-based so it is not a problem to ship. So you are advised to purchase and use the correct product.

Does the hot-melt adhesive have a shelf-life?

Yes. In addition, and to remove any doubt, always make up test pieces to verify the adhesive is achieving its pull-test strength as described in the instructions. It is such a small thing to do and should be done for your own piece of mind whenever a batch of adhesive is used. Record the test result in your build log.

Does the fabric have a shelf-life?

No. Store it safely away from heat until needed.

If I donít paint, how do I decorate or personalize my aircraft?

There is a wide range of ORATEX® products, cutting film, trim stripes, both narrow and wide. These are very light and designed to be used as decorative trim. There is a vast range of colours including metallic, fluorescent and pearl. These can be fixed and also removed by heat. This makes it much easier to be creative and customize your plane in a way that would normally be difficult and expensive with paint. If you donít like your first attempt, you can remove it and do it again. This is something you would be very reluctant to do with paint.

Where do I get help and advice?

The distributor for Australia and New Zealand will help and support as much as possible. Help is a usually a phone-call or email away in a similar time-zone which makes it easier to have a low-cost, in-depth discussion. It is important to have all your questions asked and answered and the job well-planned. If the question or application is new or particularly difficult, then the suppliers in Germany can be consulted as required. Training is an option where needed.