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Colours and Fabrics

Choice: There is a choice of fabric colours which may be regarded as the base colour scheme. The user may elect to cover all surfaces (such as parts that are wood, metal or composite) with fabric.

ORATEX® colours

  • Natural white
  • White
  • Antique
  • Olive Drab
  • Corsair Blue
  • Fokker Red
  • Cub Yellow
  • Silver

ORATEX® 6000 colours *NEW*

  • Golden Yellow
  • Orange
  • Sky Blue
  • Grey
  • Black

Fabric Grades: There are two grades of fabric:

  • ORATEX® UL600 for aircraft with a MTOW (maximum take off weight) of 600 kg.

  • ORATEX® 6000 for aircraft with a MTOW (maximum take off weight) of 6000 kg.

Fabric Widths: There are two widths available, 900mm and 1800mm.

Preparation: The preparation of those different surfaces for gluing fabric differs, and the instructions should be referred to and trials made.

Paint: It is possible to paint ORATEX® fabrics, but this adds weight and detracts from the significant advantages of this unique product.

Decorations: ORATEX® provide a very wide range of lightweight wide and narrow trim tapes and decorative stripes which may be cut and attached to the covering. These are fixed in place under heat, but may also be removed with heat, without changing the appearance or strength of the ORATEX® fabric underneath. This means inexpensive changes without a trip to the paint shop.

Trim Range: The range of trim colours includes metallic, fluorescent, and patterned effects. The final look is up to you!

Natural White
natural white
Olive Drab
olive drab
Corsair Blue
Corsair Blue
Fokker Red
fokker red
Cub Yellow
cub yellow